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Confess Your Mess
Ever wondered if you could be a bit more organised? There’s no doubt that life can be fuller and more fun when you’re on top of things. So make a start now with this quick quiz to determine how organised you are at home and at work.
1. How often do you throw away things you don’t use?
  a) Regularly.
  b) When I’m in the mood.
  c) You never know when you might need things!
  d) I hate to part with anything.
2. Do you have difficulty completing projects that you begin?
  a) No because I know the value of persistence.
  b) Occasionally I get distracted.
  c) Sometimes I can’t find everything I need.
  d) Actually, I often find it hard even to begin.
3. You’re entitled to a £500 payment providing you can find some important paperwork from last year. How would you feel?
  a) It’s money in the bank.
  b) I should be able to find it.
  c) I hope I can find it.
  d) Did I throw it out?.
4. When people enter your home or workplace, do you regularly apologise about the mess?
  a) No because I keep it tidy.
  b) Sometimes when there’s been a lot happening.
  c) Yes.
  d) No because I wouldn’t dream of inviting anyone.
5. How easy is it to move around your living room?
  a) Very easy.
  b) The odd thing needs picking up.
  c) I can just about move around in there.
  d) Sometimes I can’t even get in.
6. When you think of your bedroom, how does it make you feel?
  a) Peaceful.
  b) The bed needs making.
  c) It could use a tidy.
  d) It would be lovely to go to bed one time without tripping over things.
7. Does your wardrobe reflect your current lifestyle?
  a) Yes it changes as I change.
  b) Yes, when I can actually find the clothes I still like.
  c) Sometimes, depending on whether I still fit into any of it.
  d) It’s like a kind of lucky dip, though it’s not usually lucky.
8. Are you comfortable working in your surroundings?
  a) I’m very comfortable, I have lots of natural light and space. It’s a pleasure to be in.
  b) Fairly comfortable. I can work well in it, but there may be room for improvement.
  c) I feel pretty bad about it. There’s always mess under the desk and piles of paperwork everywhere.
  d). I hate it. It’s so cluttered, there’s barely enough room to sit down.
9. Think of any CD, video or DVD that you haven’t played for some time. How soon could you find it?
  a) Right away and I’m off to play it now.
  b) I may need a few minutes.
  c) I don’t know where it is.
  d) I don’t know if I still have it.
10. Is there out of date food in your cupboards or refrigerator?
  a) No. Even the thought disgusts me.
  b) The odd item.
  c) I should check it more.
  d) Yes, judging by the smell last time I went there.
11. Do you spend a lot of time putting off things you need to get done?
  a) I believe in getting stuck in right away.
  b) Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.
  c) Hmm let me think about that one...
  d) When it comes to procrastinating, I’m a ’pro‘;.
12. You receive a letter from your bank manager asking you to check your monthly expenditure. What is your immediate reaction?
  a) No problem I always keep a close eye on my accounts and know exactly what’s coming in and going out.
  b) I’m sure I have kept to my budget, I’m usually organised when it comes to my finances.
  c) Not sure how much I have spent and my finances could do with a review.
  d) Help! My finances are out of control, and I can’t even remember which bank I’m actually with.

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