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Less: Stress - Mess - Chaos

Simple day-to-day living can be stressful and frustrating. If our living or working space is cluttered, our lives feel cluttered. Many of us feel that we donít have enough time to spend on our families or friends, let alone ourselves. Stream Organising offers freedom from this feeling.

More: Energy - Space - Time

The more energy we have, the more we can do and the more we can enjoy life. The more space we have, the more freedom we have to move and to grow. The more time we have, the more attention we can devote to improving our lives, caring for others, and looking after ourselves. By increasing the amount of energy, space and time we have, we can vastly improve our quality of life.

Total: Efficiency - Harmony - Freedom

There are proven psychological benefits to de-cluttering your life. On a fundamental level, you will find that your life runs more efficiently and easily. But more importantly, you will feel better within yourself. Organising our lives provides balance and freedom, and gives us a feeling of real mental, physical and emotional well being.

When the problem runs deeper: Chronic Disorganisation Syndrome

While many people claim to be disorganised, for some it is a much more serious problem. Chronic Disorganisation Syndrome (CDS) is a clinically recognised condition related to OCD and ADD. Sufferers may have a past history of disorganisation involving numerous failed attempts to change and their quality of life is often severely impaired.

Untreated they could lose track of their environment - compromising their health and safety.
Such cases often require intervention from psychologists, social workers or Health Department Professionals who work in tandem with Stream Organising consultants to help the individuals concerned. Please contact me if you suspect anyone of having this problem and would like more advice.

A cluttered workspace can leave you feeling stressed, restricted and under pressure. We can reorganise your office and find the best ways to use your space, creating a clean, tidy and easy-to-manage working environment. We can also offer advice on how to keep your space free from clutter in the future. This will free up time and energy, and give your business room to grow.

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Do I have to be there to supervise the whole process?

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